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You might like to read our tips on safe riding within a group, as well as general
Cycling Etiquette.


Women 30 years and older and men 35 years and older are eligible to join the VCV.

All riders must be current VCV members. Two free try out races (within a 30 day period) are available to people who have never raced with the Vets before.

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VCV Open races can be entered online via the VCV Website

Entries can now only be done online. New riders need to have completed 3 club races before you can enter an Open.

Grampians Vets Cycling Club
About the Club

The Grampians Veteran Cycling Club is based in the Central Western part of Victoria, Australia, around the famous Grampians Ranges. The club was formed in 1996 to cater for the needs of older riders, who up until then had to travel long distances to find specific veteran events, or ride against much younger riders.

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Latest News

Summer Series Crits
Thursday night summer crits will be held around the Great Western School, commencing at 6pm from Thursday 25th October. A and B grades. A grade 45 minutes plus 3 laps, and B grade 40 minutes plus 2 laps. Xmas break from 20th December until the 10th January. Last race 22nd March 2019. Entry fee $5.

Rise in Membership fees for 2019
Due to insurance fee rises, the AVCC have increased their share of the membership fee by $20 for 2019. New membership for Grampians Verts members is now $175. New memberships for those not already a current member start on 1st October 2018 and are current until the end of 2019.

VCV Life Membership to Tony Lloyd
The Grampians Vets would like to congratulate Tony Lloyd on receiving a life membership from the VCV at a recent Delegates Meeting in Geelong. Tony was a founding member of the Grampians Club and served as its President and/or secretary from 1996 to 2006, and the Vice President in more recent times. Tony is also currently serving as the VCV Treasurer, and is in his 4th year of service, as well as the Grampians VCV Delegate, and travels to Geelong every two months to the meetings. Tony has served as the Delegate every year except for the first, so that is stamina!! Thanks Tony from all club members for your many years of dedication to cycling and the Grampians Vets. A well earned award!

Disc Brakes and VCV races.
Disc brakes are now legal for all AVCC and VCV events.

Tail Lights
Members are reminded that tail lights are required on all bikes including time trial bikes to race. No light no racing. Lights should be clearly visible from 100m and be set not to flash.

  peter wemyss
  Peter Wemyss

Latest Club Racing
Mt William Time Trial
Sunday 11th November, 2018
Peter Wemyss Fastest Climber
Peter Wemyss recorded the fastest time up the mount, while other riders experienced the unique pleasures of climbing up the mount for the first time! Frank Kean got closest to his previous best time.

Full race details HERE ...

Keeping Up to Date
Upcoming Events

Sunday 11th November 2018
Mount William Time Trial. Approx 9.6km. Meet at the Borough Huts camping ground 2km before the base of Mount William (travelling from Halls Gap).

Sunday 18th November 2018
Halls Gap. Fyans Creek Road 43.5km Handicap. Start on Fyans Creek Road, just off the Stawell/Halls Gap road.
Also State Road Championships

Sunday 25th November 2018
Stawell Race Course 40.5km handicap. Start at the Stawell Race Course on Stawell/Pomonal Rd.

Check out the Race Calendar here ...

Upcoming VCV Open Registration Dates
Don't miss an Open because you forgot to enter!
See the VCV Website for full details.
Closing Date VCV Open Events for 2018
Oct 23rd Geelong 64.5km Open to be held from Paraparap on 28th Oct
Nov 13th VCV State Road Championships - to be held on 18th November at Ballarat.
Nov 27th Geelong Women's race and men's scratch races - to be held on 2nd December at Paraparap.

NOTE - A full list of the 2018 VCV Open entry dates and events is available on the VCV Website




Looking for some company to share the kilometres with?

There are usually Training Groups leaving both Stawell and Horsham at regular weekly times.

club races

peter wemyss

Peter Wemyss
once again recorded fastest time up Mount William in the annual time trial.

Latest Race Details

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Sunday 11th Nov
Sunday 4th Nov
Sunday 28th Oct
Sunday 21st Oct
Sunday 14th Oct
Sunday 7th Oct
Sunday 30th Sept
Sunday 23rd Sept
Sunday 16th Sept
Sunday 9th Sept


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